About Us

What is TheOptics.org

Are you a fan of the night sky and wish to take a deeper look at the Universe with all its beautiful colors and shades? Or are you a keen hunter who would like to get all the benefits of modern equipment and exceed your own hunting expectations? Perhaps, you just like to view nature and wildlife and need some aid to your own eyes. Quality optical devices are an answer to all your questions. But among the plethora of options available, it can take you hours, days, or even weeks to decide on what suits you best.

Here on The Optics, our primary intent is to help you with that. Every week, we check what the most popular retailers have to offer and look at the best-selling products to pick and review the devices that we think are worth mentioning.

Our team


Being a professional journalist, James knows how to turn any topic into a comprehensive, easy-to-digest text. Even if you’ve never dealt with telescopes before, rest assured James will explain everything you wanted to know about them better than your physics coursebook.


David is a talented IT specialist and an experienced hunter. Apart from making the whole project possible technically, he’s also the main expert when it comes to monoculars, binoculars, and scopes.


Charles holds a Master’s degree in Physics Engineering (optics and photonics specialization), has been teaching physics at school for almost 15 years and recently has started teaching a course on optics at a local university. Our irreplaceable website expert.

What are our sources of information?

Users’ opinion: Our first and major source is people. When we come up with a topic to write on, we always check what people say on forums and in their reviews, what is important to look at, and what their impressions are if they already use a product. By reading hundreds of reviews, we define the most popular and important features to look for in a specific case.

Trusted websites: We never hesitate to check expert opinions as well because no one has all the answers. We get some useful information and general advice from such websites as REI Co-op and Consumer Reports.

Our own expertise: We involve people with experience in writing on and working with optics. This work also includes constant self-education to step up our results.

How we create the articles

Our aim is to gather, review, and rate the best products for a particular purpose. So first, we study the topic and outline the most important features based on user and expert opinions.

After that, we explore the market and select the best-rated products with the above features. To form the compilation and rate the selected devices properly, our writers closely look at each and every aspect of the products and dive into customer reviews again to find out the potential benefits and drawbacks of each. We also include a handy buying guide in each article to specify and describe each feature in more detail.

What is our interest?

Let us be clear: Yes, we receive some commission after each product we recommend is sold. However, this doesn’t mean that the companies that sell these products can influence our decision-making in any way. The thing is, we receive the commission for any product available on such large marketplaces as Optics Planet or Amazon, so we are free to pick the devices we really consider to be the best.

We value your input

If you didn’t find a particular topic or product you are interested in, or you think there is something to add to the existing content, don’t hesitate to contact us! We greatly appreciate your feedback, as it helps us become better. Check out the Contact Us page for more information.