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Gone are the days when rangefinders were restricted to ballistic uses by the military. Today, a rangefinder has multiple applications. It’s useful for playing golf, in forestry, for hunting, virtual reality, photography, surveying, virtual space, and more. The fact that they are becoming increasingly available to the public means that they are now sold at all-time low prices. Yes, that’s true. But this has also caused the saturation of cheap, poor-quality rangefinders in the market. So, how do you buy a top-quality rangefinder for the best price? In this article, we’ll see a review of the best rangefinder under 100.

A rangefinder is a tool that will help the hunter to immediately transmit the distance that separates him from his prey. It will also help the professional golfer to measure precisely the yardage of a shot. This tool makes it possible to measure accurately and almost instantly a distance between a point A and a point B. We believe that the key to choosing an under 100 rangefinder lies in some factors such as the magnification, maximum range, minimum range, warranty, among others. Continue reading to discover your new addition to your range-finding arsenal!

Top 7 Rangefinders under $100 Review 2022


TecTecTec ProWild Hunting RangefinderEditor’s Choice

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Max range: 500 yards
  • Min range: 4 yards
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: multilayered optics, continuous scan mode, advanced speed technology, water-resistant

The TecTecTec ProWild is a powerful, long-range rangefinder that allows you to capture targets over 540 meters away. The hunting tool lets you be able to move closer to your target from several meters away, without taking a step, thanks to the continuous or sloping sweep mode. It is an essential device for hunting, especially in remote areas. This is why a carrying pouch is included in the delivery box to make carrying around during travels, hiking, and hunting possible. 

The ProWild is our best hunting rangefinder under 100. It features the Speed, Scan, & Hunt technology which provides you with the accurate measurement of the speed, distance of your target, with a +1/-1 accuracy. 

Obviously, after using it all day in a bush, it must be cleaned afterwards. But don’t worry, the Prowild Hunting Rangefinder is very easy and simple to maintain. This maintenance can be done with the provided microfiber cloth and a little soapy water. It is a device that is much more suitable for qualified people.

What we liked: We liked how complete the Tectectec device is. It features the rangefinder, a protective pouch, a CR2 battery, a wrist strap, a microfiber cloth for cleaning, and a setup guide for beginners. It comes fully ready for exploration. 

What could be better: The product could be better sealed. The lens fogs up easily. 


Wosports Hunting RangefinderBest Value

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Max range: 650 yards
  • Min range: 5 yards
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: multilayered optics, continuous measurement mode, operating temperature -10°C~50°C, water-resistant, dust resistant, accessories included

The Wosports rangefinder is a multi-functional tool. It is a rangefinder that can be used in sports like golf and hunting. Different reading modes are available, such as normal scan, flag lock, and moving readings.

The maximum measurement range for this model is 5 to 700 yards. Plus, it will take less than a second to get your measurement result back to you. 

A laser rangefinder (LRF) suitable for target shooting, it is designed for hunting in the wild, measuring in a construction field, for measuring shots while golfing, as well as other outdoor sports.

What we liked: We like the magnification ability of the Wosports rangefinder. It has an objective lens that can magnify 6x. We are also won over by the crystal clear image it projects, as well as the low battery indicator. 

What could be better: The sealing of the rangefinder. Rain and fog can affect the laser trajectory and therefore, the calculated result.


AOFAR HX-700N Budget Pick

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Max range: 700 yards
  • Min range: n/a
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: pin sensor technology, 4 modes, waterproof, dust resistant

The AOFAR Rangefinder laser rangefinder accurately measures distances up to nearly 700m. Unlike the first two models, it offers anti-fog and continuous measurement and speed functions. It features a 905 nm laser and a 6x magnification objective. The package includes a microfiber cloth, lanyard, carrying case, carabiner, and CR2 battery. Its resistance to fog, thanks to the fog mode can ensure problem-free use in poor weather conditions. 

It can carry out measurements with good accuracy and in a short time. It does not act as a hypsometer, so it requires manual trig calculations. It is a bit heavy but sufficiently manageable and easy to use, and it also doesn’t make any noise.

What we liked: We like how portable and lightweight the device is. It weighs just 180 grams and is durable enough for outdoor games and hunting.

What could be better: You cannot adapt the device to an adapter. So, you’ll have to rely on manually balancing it for a steady view. 


Halo CL 300 HALRF0107Best Battery

  • Magnification: 5x
  • Max range: 600 yards
  • Min range: 300 yards
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: water-resistant, CR2 Lithium battery, precise to +/- 1 yard

The Halo CL 300 HALRF0107 is a laser range finder with a powerful CR2 lithium battery. Suitable for outdoor games such as golf, it offers accurate and quick yardage measurements. It has the capacity to bring a target into view from a minimum of 300 yards out. It can pick up objects from a maximum range of 600 yards. 

It has a magnification of 5x and can provide measurement with +1/-1 yard accuracy. The rangefinder is resistant to water, which means you can use them while it pours. All Halo rangefinders, including the CL 300, come with 1-year limited warranty. However, the rangefinder doesn’t perform well in conditions of low light.

What we liked: We like the durable battery system of the Halo CL 300. The single battery can shut itself off after just 20 seconds of inactivity, to save battery life. 

What could be better: The magnification of the optical objective lens of the device could be better. At 5x magnification, there are better products out there for almost the same battery. 

  • Magnification: 6x
  • Max range: 900 yards
  • Min range: 650 yards
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: JOLT Technology, Slope Distance Correction. Speed Modes, Measuring Range of Speed: 20-300km/h

The Gogogo Sport rangefinder comes with 3 reading modes. The normal scan mode calculates distances in a range between 650 and 900 yards. The golf model is equipped with features like pin search (170 yards) and flag lock (350 yards). And the speed mode calculates distances on the move (20 – 300 kilometers per hour), ideal for hunting activities.

It is an easy-to-use model that will give you a quick and accurate measurement. It is also compact and lightweight. In total, it measures 106 x 40 x 71 millimeters. Our best golf rangefinder under 100, the Gogogo Sport Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has a minimum range of 650 yards and can go as far as 900 yards. This makes it one of the best long-range rangefinders in this review. It can be used by any golfer and a beginning hunter or hunting enthusiast. It’s a product from a relatively unknown maker, but it’s far better than many models from bigger brands in the same range. 

What we liked: The golfing rangefinder has a wide range of unique features that aren’t seen in many models in the same price range. Also, it is easy to use and is very accurate.

What could be better: The reliability of the device could be better. It’s a perfect product for weekend golfers, but not suitable for a seasoned player. Also, it’s not water-resistant. 

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Simmons 6x20 Venture LRF FMCBest LCD screen

  • Magnification: 6-20x
  • Max range: 600 yards
  • Min range: 250 yards
  • Warranty: n/a

More features: comprehensive LCD screen

The Simmons 6×20 laser range finder is very compact and lightweight, with a weight of 133 grams including battery. Its optics magnify up to 6 times. The maximum measurement distance is 600 yards for highly reflective objects. It has a minimum range of 250 yards. It comes in a soft case. There is only one button which is used to turn it on, to change the type of units (yards/meters), and to perform the measurement. It is available in black color. 

The measurements are reproducible and constant. If you measure the same object ten times without moving, the repeatability will be almost perfect (+/- 1 yard). While the device is very light (this is a quality); it, therefore, not stable in the hands. 

What we liked: The device features an LCD screen. It also includes an inclinometer. This is useful for measuring slopes, elevation, and depression.  

What could be better: It could have been better if it was designed to be mounted on a tripod. But unfortunately, there is none. Likewise, a rubberized coating would have made it easier to hold it in the hand. Another negative point is that there is also no diopter adjustment to adapt to the view.


Tasco Tee-2-GreenBest Accessories

  • Magnification: 5x
  • Max range: 1300 yards
  • Min range: 5 yards
  • Warranty: lifetime

More features: accessories included, rainproof design, +/-1 yard accuracy, easy to read LCD readout

The Tasco T2G golf rangefinder (Tee 2 Green) will be your ally on the course thanks to its laser technology and high range of view. It will allow you to know exactly the distance that separates you from the flag. This rangefinder benefits from Bushnell’s expertise since Tasco is one of the brands of this optical scope giants. 

The Tasco Tee-2-Green allows targeting a flag up to 274 meters away. The sweep mode allows continuous measurements. You just have to hold down the trigger button. With its 5x magnification, you will be able to see even the most distant obstacles perfectly. Its ergonomic design ensures total comfort thanks to its rubber handle. The product comes with its carrying case and a CR2 battery.

What we liked: We like the fact that this rangefinder has a range of view of up to 1300 yards and can view objects from just 5 yards out. It also comes with complete accessories. 

What could be better: At more than 300 grams, the Tasco rangefinder is not lightweight. In comparison, it weighs more than twice the size of the Simmons 6×20 Venture LRF FMC.

Things to Consider

Rangefinders are high-precision magnifying equipment. They are used in outdoor sports such as golf and are highly appreciated by hunting fans. To help you choose the best in the market at a reasonably low price, we explain everything you need to know about them.

Features to consider when choosing a rangefinder under $100

When choosing a rangefinder, it is essential that you evaluate some aspects of the product. Here is a guide with the most important purchase criteria. If you want to choose a quality laser rangefinder, follow these criteria:


A laser rangefinder is a device capable of measuring distances remotely. They are even used by astronauts from the international space station to measure the distance from Earth and orbit. Some of them can be found in the table below:

Types Operating principle Applications
Optical Calculates the distance to the object from the length of the base and the subtended angles between the axis and the base line. Measures objects located at very long distances, for example, in space.
Morphic They calculate the distance by using trigonometry. Used in aiming, surveying, and photography systems


Laser Measures distance automatically, like ultrasound, but with greater accuracy They are used in theodolites and in industrial instrumentation
Ultrasonic Distance is calculated by elapsed time and phase of the echo. It is widely used in photographic cameras (Polaroid)

Application of use

7 Best Rangefinders under $100 - Never Miss A Target AgainRangefinders have various applications. Compact models are used for DIY or construction tasks. They are also often used for cartography, 3D modeling, sports such as golf or archery, hunting. They are also used in all kinds of industrial production processes. Here is a detailed list of the most common uses of laser rangefinders.

  • Military: Laser rangefinders provide an exact distance between targets beyond the range of artillery. They are also used to delimit zones and for military engineering work. Rangefinders for military use have ranges of up to 25 km. They measure azimuth, tilt, height, and length. These types are often more expensive due to their long range. Therefore, you may not get a good rangefinder under 100 for this type of use.
  • 3D modeling: These are used in recognition and modeling of 3D objects, and in other areas related to computer vision. This technology is somewhat superior, as it usually includes 3D scanners with 360º vision. They have algorithms that merge single object distance data that are obtained from multiple angles.
  • Forest engineering: Special laser rangefinders are used for this work. They have anti-leaf filters and work with retroreflectors. The laser beam is only reflected off its retroreflector; thus, accurate distance measurement is guaranteed.
  • Sports: Like the Gogogo Sport Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder, they are very effective for sports that require very precise long-distance measurements. They are mostly used in golf, hunting, and archery. Many rangefinders come with features such as the Angle Range Compensation (ARC) and multi-range capability.
  • Topography: These rangefinders are used in road construction work and expert measurements for construction projects. They are very similar to forestry engineering models.
  • Industrial production processes: Models for this application are used for the automation of raw material management systems and production processes in the steel industry.
  • Laser measurement tools: They are used in many jobs such as construction, DIY, and renovations. It is a good alternative to tape measures. They are more precise and practical since they make measurements of angles and areas. They store the information, and their screen allows the results to be easily read.

The range

The range of a rangefinder is an important factor to consider when purchasing. The maximum range of a rangefinder is one of the characteristics that will determine the purchase price the most. Of course, the higher the range, the higher the range of use. A rangefinder dedicated to bow hunting will have to measure the distance up to about 100 meters. While a rangefinder dedicated to hunting can measure up to a distance of 1000 meters and more. If you need a rangefinder with a range of up to 1000 meters or more, choose the Tasco Tee-2-Green model. Meanwhile, do you need to purchase a rangefinder to practice bow hunting? In this case, it’s not always advisable to pay a high price for a rangefinder that measures long distances. A model such as the Simmons 6×20 Venture LRF FMC or the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder will suffice.


The precision of a rangefinder helps define the possible margin of error in evaluating the distance from the device. The margin of error is generally +/- 1 yard, such as you can find in the Simmons 6×20 LRF FMC or the Halo CL 300. Depending on the quality of the rangefinder, the accuracy shown by the manufacturer can vary significantly depending on distance and conditions of use (weather, obstacles, etc.)


The higher the quality of the models, the higher the magnification. This is generally an optical magnification ranging from 4x to 8x. However, keep in mind that excessive magnification will reduce the field of vision and can become a disadvantage in some cases.

Lens quality

7 Best Rangefinders under $100 - Never Miss A Target AgainOf course, we’re not asking the lens of a rangefinder to have the quality of a camera lens. However, some rangefinders offer the ability to adjust the eyepiece. This allows users who need corrective lenses to see clearly in the rangefinder without wearing their glasses.


Some rangefinders have two or more hunting modes (bow and rifle). These modify the aiming calculation thanks to an angular range compensation (ARC) calculation. The rangefinder will calculate the distance to use to shoot (horizontal distance) regardless of the bow angle of the archer. This option is very handy for shooting at high altitudes, such as when in a lookout or in the mountains, where shots are fired from top to bottom with a wide angle of fire.

Archery mode allows you to display the highest point the arrow must reach during its trajectory in order to hit its target. Some rangefinders also allow you to record the power of the bow used to optimize the arrow’s path. Rifle mode takes into account the trajectory of the bullet according to the progressive drop of the bullet.

Size and weight

A modern hunter must increasingly equip himself with accessories that facilitate or optimize his hunting. Therefore, the concepts of lightness and size must be taken into account. A light model that doesn’t exceed 200 grams like the Simmons 6×20 Venture LRF FMC will be easily transported and can be used for long periods.


A rangefinder is often used in difficult weather conditions; in cold, wind, rain, or in high humidity. A good seal will prevent any malfunction, but also the appearance of fog on the lenses. Although many brands offer an anti-fog treatment on their lenses, it is necessary to verify that the rangefinder has a waterproof certification.

The degree of tightness can be verified thanks to its protection index called IP. This index is used to evaluate the level of tightness of a device against the introduction of solid or liquid materials, such as water or dust. Therefore, each device classified according to this standard is indicated “IP” followed by a different number depending on the quality of its sealing.

Here are some examples of index of protection:

  • IP 23: moisture resistant but not waterproof.
  • IP 44: protection against particles larger than 1 mm and against low-pressure water splashes.
  • IP 65: completely impervious to dust and admits high-pressure water splashes.
  • IP 67: completely dustproof. Supports temporary immersion in water (1m maximum depth)
  • IP 68: total tightness, even during prolonged immersion in water.


If your aim is to choose the best rangefinder under $100, then the brand factor must not be neglected. Some brands are known for their experience in the industry and commitment to producing quality products for the masses. However, there are also new entrants in the market who are looking for a bigger customer base by offering them what they could have got for a bigger price with other renowned brands. Below are brands you should buy from if you want quality plus a good price.

  • Bushnell: Bushnell is the world’s leading American manufacturer of sports optics and outdoor equipment (glasses, binoculars, telescopes, rangefinders, GPS instruments, etc.). It offers a wide range of quality rangefinders specifically dedicated to hunting.
  • Nikon: A Japanese brand well known in the world of photography, it is a world leader in optics, imaging equipment, precision industrial equipment, etc. It offers a wide range of laser rangefinders, including models specially designed for hunting.
  • Leica: Leica is a high-end German manufacturer in the world of photography and optics. It produces a wide range of rangefinders at a high price, in relation to the irreproachable quality of the material.
  • Leupold: This is an American brand specialized in shooting and hunting optics. It produces rangefinders specially designed for shooting and hunting.
  • Vortex: Vortex is an American brand that manufactures optical equipment (binoculars, viewers, telescopes, etc.). It guarantees all its products for life.
  • Hawke: This is an English brand specialized in the manufacture of outdoor optics (sports, hunting, shooting glasses, night vision, etc.).
  • Tectectec: The manufacturer of TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder, our overall best rangefinder under 100, Tectectec is a small French manufacturer of high-tech sports cameras. It offers a range of laser rangefinders dedicated to hunting.
  • AOFAR: The maker of our cheapest model, the AOFAR HX-700N, Aofar is a manufacturer specialized in outdoor products (rangefinders, compasses, etc.). It has models that boast of excellent build quality.


Rangefinders are a versatile tool that can be used in outdoor sports such as golfing, and in construction works, hunting, forestry, virtual reality, photography, surveying, virtual space, etc. However, each type of rangefinder has characteristics specially designed for its use. Therefore, it is impossible to use a rangefinder designed for construction professionals during a hunting trip.

While you can directly use a scope for sniping by mounting a riffle on it, your laser rangefinder may give you better clarity. However, a scope gives you extra features, providing you with a better field of vision, speed, better sizing of the target, and much more.

The operation of a rangefinder is quite simple to understand. Equipped with a lens, the hunter, for example, looks at the rangefinder as if looking through a pair of binoculars. He then has to aim at a target whose distance he wishes to know. The device then sends a laser beam to the measured point. Once the target is reached, the laser bounces off the target and returns to the device. The range finder then calculates the time it takes for the laser to round the trip completely. This calculation allows you to precisely define the distance.

Our Verdict

There are many factors that you should look at, such as accuracy, measurement range, magnification, etc. when making your choice of rangefinder. And all of these have been outlined in this article.

The TecTecTec ProWild Rangefinder is our best hunting rangefinder under 100 and the Editor’s Choice. It features the Speed, Scan, & Hunt technology which provides you the accurate measurement of the speed, distance of your target, with a +1/-1 accuracy.

In second place is our Best Value product, the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder. This is a multi-functional tool that can be used in sports such as golf and hunting. Different reading modes, such as normal scan, flag lock, and moving readings, are available on this model.

And if you want a low-budget product, we recommend our budget pick, the AOFAR HX-700N. Our cheapest best rangefinder under 100, the AOFAR Rangefinder laser rangefinder accurately measures distances up to nearly 700m. Unlike the first two models, it offers anti-fog and continuous measurement and speed functions. It features a 905 nm laser and a 6x magnification objective.

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