10 Impressive Scopes for Marlin 60 – Never Miss a Shot!

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You need to be careful when choosing scopes for your rifle because not all of them are as good as advertised. It is critical to find an accurate and reliable riflescope that will serve you well for a long time. But is it possible to compare all available products? You don’t have to worry about it because we did the research for you and selected the best scopes for Marlin 60.

Our experts focused on everything relevant for hunters out there. That means you will learn more about magnification and objective lens diameter and how they can affect a particular unit’s performance. We didn’t forget the field of view and eye relief since they can quickly ensure you get on target. Finally, we considered click value, weight, and length since physical characteristics can also affect the quality of these products. Continue reading, and our guide will help you to discover the best scope for your needs!

Top 10 Scopes for Marlin 60 Review 2022

  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of view: 12 – 33 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 3.1 – 3.8 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12.4 in.
  • Weight: 13 oz.

 More features: second (rear) focal plane, high-grade optical glass, integrated-eyepiece design with a no-slip grip, waterproof, prevent fogging

The first thing you demand from scopes is probably accuracy and reliability. That is where the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm Riflescope will exceed your expectations, and that is its biggest advantage. Things are quite simple – it is easy to zero and use the scope, and it will hold the zero well.

You will appreciate the no-slip grip when outside, as well as the fog-resistance and waterproofness. The manufacturer used top-quality aluminum, as well as superb optical glass for the lenses. The light transmission is fantastic, and you can use this both in bright and low-light conditions.

If you want to use flip-up covers, it will be difficult because of the eyepiece rotation. However, once you try this scope for Marlin 60, you will realize how reliable it is. It offers multiple benefits that will attract you to it and make you keep it as a favorite for a long time.

What makes it stand out?

  • The light transmission is fantastic
  • The no-slip grip makes the product comfortable to use
  • Impressive accuracy and reliability

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The eyepiece rotation makes it tricky to use flip-up covers
  • Objective lens diameter: 32 mm
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Field of view: 21 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 4 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12 in.
  • Weight: 8.8 oz.

 More features: fully coated optics, QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece, rubber surfaces

The Simmons 22 MAG 4×32 Rimfire Rifle Scope is an entry-level product that performs quite well in its category. For starters, the rubber housing is fairly durable, and the optics are fully coated. This means that the product will last you for years. On top of that, the rubber surfaces also ensure the grip is comfortable and steady in all situations.

The windage and elevation dials are easy to use. The scope is fairly simple to adjust to the desired preference, while the eye relief is long and forgiving.

The field of view is not impressively large, but that also has to do with a relatively small lens diameter. The available magnification is 40x, which is decent for an affordable product. While it is not super sharp, you get plenty of bang for the buck.

What makes it special?

  • A bargain deal for those who are seeking an affordable product
  • It is fairly easy to zero and use
  • The eye relief is long and forgiving

What cons did we find?

  • The field of view is not that impressive
  • Objective lens diameter: 44 mm
  • Magnification: 2.5 – 10x
  • Field of view: 10.9 – 47 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 4 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12 in.
  • Weight: 18.4 oz.

 More features: aircraft-grade aluminum, waterproof, fog-proof, side focus, MAG-View fiber optic, a fast-focus eyepiece, comes with protective lens caps, 4 in. sunshade, lens cloth

If you are an experienced shooter, you will need the best equipment out there. This scope for Marlin 60 fits that category since it offers numerous features that make it stand out from the competition.

For starters, the manufacturer used aircraft-grade material to ensure the housing is durable. It will withstand shock, as well as severe weather conditions. That ensures you can use the product when it is raining outside.

The optics are of excellent quality, and they perform well in low-light conditions. Thanks to the BDC reticle, it will be easier to handle windage corrections. The increased eye relief and large field of view will help you to get on target quickly and effortlessly. Although the price tag is a bit high, this scope is worth every cent and is a true long-term investment.

What are its best features?

  • Ultra-tough housing of the scope
  • Excellent optics for low-light conditions
  • The BDC reticle is great for windage corrections

What could be improved?

  • The price tag is quite high

Simmons 22 MAG 3-9x32 Rimfire Rifle ScopeThe Lightest Unit Out There

  • Objective lens diameter: 32 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of view: 33 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 3.75 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12 in.
  • Weight: 10.3 oz.

 More features: QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece, high-quality optical glass, easy to adjust, HydroShield lens coating

Many experts agree that this scope for Marlin 60 features excellent value for the price. The first thing you notice is that it is incredibly light because it weighs only 10.3 ounces. Thus, it is going to be a great option for longer hunting trips.

That might take some getting used to, but you will have plenty of adjustment options to tailor everything to your needs. For some reason, closer shots might be trickier to adjust, but it should be easier once you get used to the unit itself.

The scope features optics of outstanding quality. The glass itself is durable, and the lens coating is resistant to water and suitable to use in various weather conditions. Finally, the product’s length is standard, and the same could be told for the magnification and objective diameter, which makes it a decent choice for every situation.

What makes it special?

  • One of the lightest models out there
  • The optics are of outstanding quality
  • Excellent value for the price

What cons did we find?

  • Closer shots are a bit more difficult to adjust
  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of view: 33.7 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 4.17 in. (low), 3.66 in. (high)
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12.39 in.
  • Weight: 12.2 oz.

 More features: waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof, aircraft-quality aluminum, reduces glare for crisp image quality, scratch-resistant lenses, 3:1 zoom ratio

Leupold is a premium riflescope brand, and they haven’t disappointed with this scope for Marlin 60. The magnification and objective diameter are within the expected ranges. The ¼ MOA finger click adjustments will be dependable in tricky weather conditions or elevated environments.

The focus does an excellent job, and the produced image quality is bright and clear. The lens is resistant to scratches, which extends its longevity. As for the housing, the aluminum is of aircraft-grade and excellent at absorbing shocks. The finish is both elegant and durable, and the only downside is that the adjustable knobs on the turrets might be a bit tricky to use in action. However, you will get used to their specifics quickly. Overall, this is an all-around scope that can meet expectations of even the most demanding users.

Why did it make our list?

  • The optics are clear and bright
  • The focus does an excellent job
  • The finish seems durable and tough

What is not ideal about it?

  • Adjustment knobs on the turrets might be a bit squishy in action
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  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of view: 34.2 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 3 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12.2 in.
  • Weight: 21.8 oz.

 More features: waterproof, shockproof, fully coated lens, comes with 2 weaver rings, aluminum construction

BSA Optics tried to come out with scope for Marlin 60 rifles that will be suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The result is a product that doesn’t require splashing your cash while offering excellent reliability.

The manufacturer ensured the optics are fully-coated for optimal performance. This is a non-illuminated scope, so its efficiency in low-light conditions might vary. However, it will exceed your overall expectations, especially when it comes to accuracy.

You will receive two weaver rings with the product, which is a convenient accessory. The company used high-quality aluminum for the housing, which ensures the unit is weatherproof and resistant to water. The length is at the expected level, although some might find the unit to be a bit heavier than usual.

What do we love it for?

  • Excellent accuracy and reliability
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • It includes two weaver rings, which is convenient

What were we disappointed with?

  • Non-illuminated, which might compromise its performance in low-light conditions

Bushnell AR Optics Riflescope 3-12x40mmBest for Long Ranges

  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 12x
  • Field of view: 29 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 3.5 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12.2 in.
  • Weight: 21 oz.

 More features: fully multi-coated optics, side focus parallax adjustment, aluminum alloy, protected from elements, a fast-focus eyepiece

If you check out this scope for Marlin 60, you will find that experts and users are both commending its durability. The manufacturer sealed the interior and used aluminum alloy to ensure excellent longevity and sturdiness of this product.

Thanks to the multi-coated optics, the unit will perform well in low-light conditions. The brightness level will exceed your expectations, too. There is no need to worry about the weather either since the product is protected from elements.

You can use the side focus parallax adjustment to improve accuracy at long distances. If you use the scope for a long time, you will probably notice its heaviness. It is considerably heavier than some similar units, but if you are looking for outstanding accuracy, this is the product for you.

Why did it make our list?

  • Excellent performance in low-light conditions
  • The side focus parallax adjustment is very useful at long ranges
  • The interior is sealed to improve its durability

What is not ideal about it?

  • It is quite heavy, which becomes noticeable after a while

TASCO TRF3940 RIMFIRE 3-9x40AOBest Fog Resistance

  • Objective lens diameter: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of view: 32 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 3.5 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12.2 in.
  • Weight: 11.6 oz.

 More features: waterproof, fog-proof, shockproof, fully coated optics, weaver style rings included

This scope for Marlin model 60 is specifically designed for seasoned hunters and caters to their specific needs. You will notice the surprising accuracy of the lenses. The fully-coated optics make it suitable to use in different weather conditions. It will serve well in foggy weather, and it is resistant to water.

The lens diameter is 40mm, while the maximum magnification is 9x. Thanks to the eye relief of 3.5 inches, those using glasses will find this scope pretty convenient. The unit’s weight is surprisingly low, which makes it suitable for all-day use.

The manufacturer doesn’t deliver a cleaning cloth or other accessories apart from the weaver style rings, but that is a minor disadvantage. The overall performance of this scope is surprisingly above average, which makes it worth the money.

What makes it stand out?

  • Ensures excellent results in different weather conditions
  • It features fully-coated lens optics
  • The eye relief makes it suitable for those wearing glasses

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • You don’t get any extra accessories apart from weaver style rings

Barska 3-9x32 Plinker-22 RiflescopeBest Field of View

  • Objective lens diameter: 32 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of view: 39 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 3.5 in.
  • Click value: 0.25 MOA
  • Length: 12 in.
  • Weight: 11.46 oz.

 More features: second focal plane, capped turret style, waterproof, fog-proof, fully coated optics

This scope for Marlin 60 rifle belongs to the entry-level units that feature a bargain deal for those not looking to invest that much.

The field of view is set at 39 feet, which is impressive, especially if you consider that the lens diameter is 32mm. It is of average size, although many would argue it could be bigger for the price. Despite that, it will do a great job since it is very reliable and shows sharp image quality even at the highest magnification.

The scope is surprisingly light and easy to carry. That will make it simpler to use it for hours, which will assist with reducing fatigue when you spend an entire day outside. The fully-coated optics are there to secure a consistent performance regardless of the weather conditions.

What stands out?

  • Extremely light and easy to carry
  • The field of view is impressive
  • The fully-coated optics secure admirable performance

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The lens diameter could be even larger for the price
  • Objective lens diameter: 32 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9x
  • Field of view: 37.7 ft. at 100 yds.
  • Eye relief: 4.3 – 3.3 in.
  • Click value: 1/3 MOA
  • Length: 7.8 in. (199 mm)
  • Weight: 12 oz.

 More features: completely sealed and nitrogen filled, shockproof, fog-proof, rainproof, comes with 2 in. sunshade, lens caps, cleaning cloth, locking rings

Leapers made the right balance between durability and weight. This scope for Marlin 60 only weighs 12 ounces, but it is compact-sized and easy to carry around. Also, it is surprisingly durable because the manufacturer used top-quality components. The scope is a bit shorter than usual, but that doesn’t affect its performance.

The black matte finish ensures a classic but elegant look. You don’t have to worry about dropping the unit to the ground accidentally since it is shockproof. Additionally, you can use it in almost any weather, and it is resistant to fog.

The lens caps and the cleaning cloth make it easier to maintain and extend the product’s longevity. The eye relief will ensure that people wearing glasses can also use it.

What makes it special?

  • The matte finish makes it look elegant and classy
  • The product is fog and shockproof
  • It comes with a cleaning cloth for easier maintenance

What cons did we find?

  • It is not as long as expected

Things to Consider

Is it your first time buying a scope for Marlin model 60? If that is the case, you want to analyze all relevant factors carefully, and our buying guide is here to help. We will not stop at explaining details about the main features of these scopes. Our experts also answered several common questions we often get about these products. We hope that you will have all the required information to help you find the most suitable riflescope for your needs.

How to pick the best scope for Marlin 60 model?

If you read scope for Marlin 60 reviews, you will encounter many different features that are being mentioned. Those could range from the magnification and field of view to the construction quality and physical dimensions. If you would like to learn more about these characteristics, you’ve come to the right place. In the following guide, we will analyze all details relevant to purchasing a Marlin 60 scope. That makes this the perfect place to inform yourself of the main features that your desired riflescope should have!

Objective lens diameter

10 Impressive Scopes for Marlin 60 – Never Miss a Shot!

Any seasoned hunter can tell you that the objective lens diameter will only depend on your preference. The experts would recommend sticking between average ranges. That would mean you should go with an objective lens diameter that is from 32 to 40mm long.

Those who prefer a large diameter will find that 40mm is a far better option, such as seen with the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm Riflescope. It might offer you a better view and improved clarity, although that also depends on the quality of the optics. As for the 32mm lens diameter, many would find it a convenient compact-sized option that should still show a decent performance during your hunting trips.


Here is the important thing to note about Marlin 60 – it doesn’t have an as impressive range as some other rifles. That being said, you don’t have to chase the largest possible magnification out there. Scopes that have 4x magnification, such as the Simmons 22 MAG 4×32 Rimfire Rifle Scope, might do the job well.

You can also choose riflescopes that come with adjustable magnification, which is usually set between 3x and 9x. That way, everyone can find their desired preference for various conditions.

Many users might find it convenient to have multiple possible settings at their disposal, although that might cost a few extra bucks.

Field of view

This measurement shows how much of the area you will see once you use the scope to magnify the image. The field of view can be from 12 to 50 feet per 100 yards, and some units even come with an adjustable FOV. The general rule is that around 20-30 feet should be enough for these rifles, such as seen with the Bushnell AR Optics Riflescope 3-12x40mm.

While some people might say that the field of view is not the most important feature of the scopes for Marlin model 60, it can still help you to find multiple targets at the same time. The odds are you won’t use the rifle at larger distances than 200-300 yards, but the field of view can make a difference even then.

Eye relief

If you move your eyes away from the actual eyepiece and you can still see the image clearly, you can thank eye relief for that. The maximum eye relief is the distance allowed for moving the eye from the piece while maintaining a great picture.

The eye relief will depend from one model to another, but the standard one is from 3 to 4 inches. Premium units, such as the Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10×44 Water-Proof Rifle Scope, might offer a four-inch eye relief.

It is important to note that eye relief might be convenient if you are wearing glasses. If that is the case, you might want to chase a scope with the highest eye relief offered.

Click value

If you turn the adjustable knob for a single click, this measurement will tell you the degree the bullet moves the impact. The most frequent choice of users is ¼ of MOA, which means that the point of impact will change for 1/4 inches at 100 yards. You will find that most scopes for Marlin 60 come with this click value. If you want to move the point of impact by an inch at 100 yards, you will need four clicks. It shouldn’t take long to get used to how this works.


The reticle should have multiple aiming points that might vary based on elevation, windage, and bullet-drop compensation. The good news is that you won’t deal with plenty of bullet drop since the distances will usually be within 200-250 yards. Naturally, it is better if the reticle is as good as possible, but remember that Marlin 60 doesn’t have a huge target range. That is why you can do a fine job even if the scope is equipped with a simple ballistic reticle.


The construction can be crucial for Marlin 60 scopes. It will affect many factors, from durability to performance in severe weather conditions.

Most manufacturers will go with aircraft-grade premium aluminum alloy for the housing. That is the case with the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm Riflescope, as it ensures excellent durability. The case is capable of absorbing shock well, which helps if you accidentally drop the rifle or bump it against a tree or wall. A rubberized scope can also ensure a better grip when you mount or adjust it.

As for the performance in different weather conditions, the resistance to fog and weather will be primary. If the optics and the housing are capable of handling that, you will enjoy hunting and heading outdoors when the weather is bad. You also want to consider low-light capabilities, which primarily depend on the optics. If you plan on hunting at sunrise or sundown, this will become a crucial feature for you.


10 Impressive Scopes for Marlin 60 – Never Miss a Shot!

You can tell about the reliability of scope by determining how accurate it is. It is crucial for the scope to deliver the expected accuracy.

Once you receive the riflescope, you will zero it in to find the desired settings. After identifying those adjustments, it is essential that the scope is capable of keeping them once you are outside. Many scopes lose their default adjustments after a couple of shots, and that shouldn’t happen.

While you will need to occasionally adjust the zero settings, it is crucial to find a scope capable of holding those adjustments as long as possible.


When it comes to Marlin 60 scopes’ dimensions, the main thing to consider is the unit’s length. The standard length should be around 12 inches, and most scopes will be in that area. But, if you need a smaller product, you can go with a unit like the Leapers UTG BugBuster 3-9x32mm Riflescope. It is shorter than eight inches, and some users might find it performing better than the rest. Ultimately, this is all about your preference. You might want to grab a rifle and imagine whether you would prefer a short or average-sized scope for it.


The good news is that your scope for a Marlin 60 rifle shouldn’t be heavy. Furthermore, it will rarely weigh over 15 ounces. You will even find lightweight units under ten ounces, which are excellent for long-term use. Once you keep the rifle in your hand for hours, every ounce becomes important, which is why going with the lightest unit out there can be beneficial.

If you don’t mind heavier scopes, you can go with the Bushnell AR Optics Riflescope 3-12x40mm. These might weigh more than similar units, but they will offer excellent durability in return. Additionally, some might find the additional ounces giving them better control when aiming.

What else can be important?

You can expect certain accessories with your scope. Here is the list of the most common additions you will find in the package.

  • Weaver style rings – some Marlin 60 scopes will include weaver style rings, which can play an important role while mounting them.
  • Lens caps – these could be very helpful because they protect the lenses from scratching. It is crucial to place them on the lenses whenever you are not using them.
  • Cleaning cloth – the manufacturer might secure a cloth that will simplify the cleaning of the unit.
  • Second focal plane – a rear focal plane can be another convenient addition to your product that will maintain the size of the reticle at all times.

10 Impressive Scopes for Marlin 60 – Never Miss a Shot!


If you are wondering how much a marlin 60 scope would cost, you should know that the prices vary. The most affordable models can be found under $50, but the cost can go up to $500 or more if you include the accessories.

We divided all products into three pricing categories, and those are:

  • Affordable – you can find a budget-friendly deal, such as for the Simmons 22 MAG 3-9×32 Rimfire Rifle Scope, for less than $50. You should expect decent performance, but not many bells and whistles included.
  • Average – these mid-range scopes can cost from $50 to $200. The exact price might determine the features and affect performance. If you choose carefully, you can get some great models in this range, such as the Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope.
  • Expensive – if you are willing to pay over $200, you can get a premium scope for Marlin 60. The cost of these models often goes to $500, such as in the case of the Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10×44 Water-Proof Rifle Scope. However, the products provide a lot in return.


Mounting your Marlin 60 scope shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you have some experience with these rifles. Start by ensuring there are no rounds in the rifle and activate the safety clamp. Use a flat surface and place the mount into the receiver. You will already find dovetail grooves in the receiver. Make sure that everything is level and tighten the screws. Now, you should find the mounting rings and cradle the scope there. Perform the desired adjustments by checking out the scope and rotating it until you are happy how it is positioned. Finally, tighten the screws to finish the installation.

That will depend on the actual scope, but as long as you pick carefully, they should perform well. Most scopes have top-notch optics and housings that are resistant to water and snow. That will ensure you can use them in severe weather conditions. The clarity itself will depend on the optics, and you should also pay attention to their brightness. Some units will perform great in low-light conditions, such as the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm Riflescope, but others might not be able to offer that clarity level. Generally, you should be able to use Marlin 60 scopes in different weather as long as you pick a high-quality model.

The first thing you should do is to use lens caps since they will protect the lenses from accidental damage. Please avoid using handkerchiefs or shirttails when cleaning the lens because you might damage the coating. You want to do an occasional gentle dusting. It would be best to use a lens brush or pen to remove any debris and dust. When it comes to polishing, you can also use a pen. Some units, such as the Leapers UTG BugBuster 3-9x32mm Riflescope, will come with a cleaning cloth made of microfiber. As for liquid cleaners, try to find a specialized solution for cleaning lenses. Don’t spray it on the lens, but rather on the tip of the cloth.

Our Verdict

As you could see in the reviews, our favorite remains the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm Riflescope. It excels in almost any category and features incredible accuracy and reliability in different weather conditions. On top of that, it comes with a no-slip grip that makes the product extremely comfortable to use.

You can also go with the Simmons 22 MAG 4×32 Rimfire Rifle Scope, which we recommend if you are looking for bargain deals. This entry-level scope features decent magnification and field of view, as well as plenty of options to find the desired adjustment. The eye relief is also long and forgiving.

Finally, the Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10×44 Water-Proof Rifle Scope is a true premium pick. If you don’t mind paying a bit more, this is the best scope for Marlin 60 you can get out there. The unit features extremely tough housing and excellent clarity in both high and low-light conditions.

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