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The Optics is your trusted guide in everything related to optical instruments, from monoculars and binoculars to scopes and telescopes. How do night vision cameras work, how to aim with iron sights, how to choose the right monocular for bird watching — these and many more questions will not bother you anymore. We also hope that with our help, you’ll find what you are looking for among the top-rated products we review.

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All You Need to Know About Optical Equipment

How it's made
How it's made
Learn everything about the working principle of optical devices
Tips and help
Tips and help
Use your binocular, rangefinder or telescope to its highest potential
Product ratings
Product ratings
We found and tested the best optical instruments on the market
Video reviews
Video reviews
In-detail product reviews from our experts
DIY tutorials
DIY tutorials
Learn how to make your own gear (e.g. night vision goggles)
Expert advice
Expert advice
Binocular or monocular? Reflex sight or red dot? Our expert recommendations will help
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And none of us hides their faces. We don’t hire ghostwriters or use fake photos. Our experts do their best to share their knowledge in order to help you know more about optical instruments whatever you intend to use them for. Check out our About Us page to take a closer look at our team.
David Hodge
David is a talented IT specialist and an experienced hunter. Apart from making the whole project possible technically, he's also the main expert when it comes to monoculars, binoculars, and scopes.
James Harper
Being a professional journalist, James knows how to turn any topic into a comprehensive, easy-to-digest text. Even if you've never dealt with telescopes before, rest assured James will explain everything you wanted to know about them better than your physics coursebook.

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