Telescopes: Product Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guides

We reviewed six of the best telescope filters so you can find a filter that is right for you, whether you are looking for colored filters, moon filters, or solar filters.

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There are several different brands making quality telescopes but if you’re looking for the best, you’re likely going to choose either Orion or Celestron. These two companies create some of the top telescopes on the market, as well as the accessories needed to enhance your astronomy skills. Of course, they are not ...

This article will show you all the possible ways on how to polar align telescope during the day - from using sun as your helping star to downloading apps

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You can’t discuss telescopes without comparing Celestron vs Meade, the two prominent brands that have dominated the market. Why is this? Apart from being established in the industry and making innovative products for a long time, they both provide a wide range of telescopes ranging from entry level to advanced models. ...

With this article you will learn the difference for reflector vs refractor telescope: which one is the easiest to handle, more versatile and has an attractive price

Astronomy is not the cheapest hobby but if every time you look up the sky you wish you could get closer to the stars then you have no choice but to invest in the best telescope. That is if you don’t become an astronaut. Thanks to the advancement of technology, anyone can access great telescopes without devastating ...