Where Are Nikon Scopes Made?

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Nikon celebrated a century of existence in 2017, which is an impressive milestone for any company. The Japanese corporation is primarily famous for its cameras and lenses, but they are extremely present in the sight market, too. Nikon scopes enjoy a high reputation among both newbies and experienced shooters.

So, where are Nikon scopes made? Your first guess might be Japan since the company’s headquarters are in Tokyo. However, we are talking about a multinational company, and it’s only natural they have factories in multiple countries.

Our research showed that the majority of Nikon scopes are made in the Philippines. In this article, we’ll go through different models to see what’s their country of origin. You’ll also discover more details about each product, which could help you find the desired Nikon scope. Our team picked the best-selling units below, so here is what you should know about this company’s riflescopes!

Let’s take a closer look at the models

Nikon has quality control and other standards that all factories need to comply with when manufacturing the models. It’s a common practice among reputable companies to have their production divided across multiple factories.

So, where are Nikon scopes manufactured? Here is an overview of the famous riflescope series designed by this corporation!

Nikon Monarch Series

Where Are Nikon Scopes Made?If you ask an expert on Nikon scopes to name the most famous series of this company, that will probably be Monarch. These products have been around for over 15 years, and the company had huge success with this series.

The initial production of Nikon Monarch was set in Japan. Some users still have those products, which means they’ve been working for at least a decade. The experts believe the Monarch’s production was at its best while it was in domestic factories.

However, when Nikon decided to close its “mother” factory in Japan, they moved the production of their scopes to Thailand. Additional changes then caused the manufacturing process to move to the Philippines.

A big advantage offered by the Nikon Monarch series is that it features a wide range of models to suit everyone’s preferences. The magnification options begin at 3-12×42, and those that prefer additional magnification can look for a 5-20×50 option.

It’s interesting to note that there is a Monarch African subseries, which features a 1-4×20 configuration and can be an excellent fit for some users. It’s vital to note that Nikon did a fantastic thing with the entire Monarch series. They provided units that perform well while ensuring the price is at an acceptable range. You’ll find various reticles as part of this series. The manufacturer used Mil-Dot, BDC, and even plex reticles in some units.

Nikon Monarch X and Gold

Where Are Nikon Scopes Made?Once Nikon saw their initial Monarch series had huge success, they tried to improve on it. The first series they released and advertised as an enhancement was the Nikon Monarch X edition. Users agree that the product was a significant improvement. It was one of the rare series completely made in Japan, which ensured the best product quality possible. However, many found its price to be fairly high despite the fact that its performances met even the highest expectations.

Monarch Gold was another improvement, and Nikon proved once again they could make fantastic scopes. The problem was the price since this was an extremely high-priced series at the time of release. It’s probably why the manufacturer chose to discontinue it after a couple of years. They couldn’t lower the production costs, and the selling price was too high for the buyers.

Nikon P-Tactical and M-Tactical Scopes

Where Are Nikon Scopes Made?In the next section, we are focusing on tactical scopes and starting with the P-Tactical series. Are you looking for a new scope? Consider Nikon P-Tactical .223 3-9×40 Matte BDC600 since it only weighs and offers a 40-millimeter lens diameter with multicoated optics.

P-Tactical scopes have the biggest advantage in their BDC reticles. They come in .308 and .223 configurations. Although they are suitable for tactical shooting, they aren’t exactly a product for advanced users. However, they are an excellent option if you are looking for your first tactical unit. Furthermore, you’ll find this product is among the best scopes under $300 available in the market. It’s interesting to note that the P-Tactical series was originally made in China, but Nikon moved production into the Philippines later. The reports indicate there isn’t a noticeable difference in models made in different locations.

As for the M-Tactical scopes, they are more suitable for expert shooters and those looking for premium units. Many added features, along with improved optics, make this product a step in the right direction compared to the entry-level P-tactical units. Since they are a relatively newer series, their production started once Nikon moved to produce scopes to their factories in the Philippines. Nikon doesn’t plan to develop new models, and the M-Tactical series currently has five different units.

Nikon Black Force 1000, Black X1000, and FX1000 Series

Where Are Nikon Scopes Made?Where are the Nikon rifle scopes made? As you can see by now, it depends on the model. However, when it comes to the three series with the term “Black” in their name, there is no dilemma. They were all made in the Philippines ever since the first unit was produced.

The Nikon Black Force 1000 was an original model with a 24mm objective diameter. It’s suitable to use on AR platforms, and the Black X1000 series followed in its footsteps. You can use these units for shooting long distances. The series offers five different models, ranging from 4-16x 50 to 6-24×50 configurations. All these variations come from Nikon factories in the Philippines.

As for the Nikon Black FX1000 series, the manufacturer used a 30mm tube as the basis for building these units. It was the initial focal plane scope designed by this company focused on shooting from long distances. It turned out the users loved this option, and many agree it’s among the best scopes for the 6.5 Creedmoor rifle.

Nikon Prostaff Scopes

Where Are Nikon Scopes Made?Nikon Prostaff family is large and includes dozens of models in different series. The general idea of these scopes is to offer an entry-level option for those who want their prices budget-friendly. Nikon is a reputable brand, and you can expect a durable unit with decent performance if you go with this series.

Here is a detailed listing by category to help you learn more about these units and their manufacturing locations.

Nikon Prostaff P7 Scopes

In the P series, everything started with Prostaff P7 scopes. The edition was successful once it was launched – the numerous sequels to it prove that. However, P7 is now a fairly old series. If you want to go for these products, it might be hard to find ones that aren’t used. It didn’t take long for the successors to appear, which is why the users quickly forgot about this edition. The interesting thing is that this is the only one of the “standard” P series with its production in China.

Nikon Prostaff P3

It’s interesting to note that the P3 series followed the P7, and it was only later when the Prostaff P5 appeared. As for the P3, Nikon made 20 different models, which means everyone could find their favorite easily. Nikon Prostaff P3 Predator is an excellent pick for hunting, especially if you like BDC reticles.

The configurations varied from 2-7×32 as the smallest one, and the 6-18×40 being the most generous unit. You’ll often find Nikon Prostaff P3 among the best scopes for .20 250 rifles. The company decided to begin the production of these units in Thailand. However, they transferred this series to their factories in the Philippines. The good news is you’ll find specialized units for shotguns, muzzleloaders, and even crossbows in this series. That makes its versatility extremely tempting.

Nikon Prostaff P5 and Rimfire Series

Prostaff P5 was Nikon’s idea to launch a premium edition within this scope family. These products brought a significant improvement over the P3 series. They are very popular among the users – the entire series includes eight models. The biggest configuration available is the 6-24×50 unit. The entire P5 production occurred in the Philippines.

As for the Rimfire scopes, Nikon designed two generations of those models. The initial production occurred in China before the company moved it to the Philippines. The original Rimfire contained more models than the second generation, which only had two units so far. Although there are no accurate data, the odds are the entire production of the Rimfire II series occurred in the Philippines.

Nikon Buckmasters

Where Are Nikon Scopes Made?Buckmasters also features two generations of products. Although the exact location of manufacturing the first generation is unsure, the dates when the models were released indicate they could have been made in Thailand.

Nikon upgraded the Buckmasters series with the Buckmasters II units. Once they did that, they discontinued the original series. The entire production of Buckmasters II occurs in the Philippines.

The idea behind these two series was that they provide an improved option to Prostaff when it comes to configurations. You can pick between six models in the Buckmasters series, and you can use the smallest 1×20 if you have a black-powder weapon. As for the price range, it’s fairly acceptable, especially considering the configuration. Some could describe Buckmasters as basic units, but they perform well when in action.


Q: Are any Nikon scopes made in the United States?

A: Nikon produced their riflescopes in different countries over time. However, there’s no information that they ever made any scope in the United States. There are some users who claim they have a US-made sight, but we failed to find any evidence to support that statement. The odds are that even if Nikon used to make scopes in the USA, it’s not the case at the moment.

Q: Is there any difference between the Nikon scopes made in the Philippines and those made in Japan?

A: The product specifics suggest that everything remained the same after moving the production. However, if you compare the same scope model made in Japan and the Philippines, you might notice certain differences. Although the products should adhere to the company’s standards, some reports claim that the glass used in Japan is better. That means it provides better optical clarity, and the overall product’s durability seems to be at a higher level, too.

Q: Where are Nikon Prostaff scopes made?

A: You might find some older Prostaff models made in China. However, it’s been a long time since Nikon moved all its Prostaff scope production to the Philippines. We assume that’s because the labor costs are lower there, and the company wanted to save some money on manufacturing. It’s nice to see that most users agree the products kept their quality.

Q: Is Nikon still making scopes?

A: In January 2020, Nikon caused a lot of confusion Trusted Source Nikon Will No Longer Make Riflescopes The company will continue its binocular, rangefinder, and spotting scope lines, but it’s abandoning the riflescope market www.outdoorlife.com among the buyers when they decided to exit the riflescope market. The company apparently didn’t have the expected scopes, but that doesn’t mean they are leaving this industry completely. They continued making spotting scope lines but also range finders and binoculars. All these products can be helpful for shooters and hunters, depending on their requirements. At the moment, it doesn’t seem that Nikon will stop manufacturing the spotting scopes Trusted Source Nikon Sport Optics Nikon Binoculars have established a benchmark for extraordinary value by which all others are compared.   www.nikonusa.com any time soon.

Final thoughts

It might be a surprise that Nikon doesn’t manufacture any of its scopes in Japan. It was a rare occasion that the Japanese factories made riflescopes.

So, where are the Nikon scopes made? The best answer is the Philippines because the company eventually moved its production to this country. You might encounter some older models from China or Japan, but the majority of the manufacturing occurred in the Philippines.

Ultimately, the factory where they made the scope doesn’t matter that much. It’s far more important that you identify the scope that meets your requirements. If you believe it’s the right choice for your weapon, you shouldn’t question the quality. Nikon is famous for holding high standards when it comes to its products, so pick your favorite and rest assured you’ll get a great product!


Nikon Will No Longer Make Riflescopes
The company will continue its binocular, rangefinder, and spotting scope lines, but it’s abandoning the riflescope market
Nikon Sport Optics
Nikon Binoculars have established a benchmark for extraordinary value by which all others are compared.  
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